Managed IT Services for Small Business

Support Select Managed IT Services

Small Biz MSP Support Select Plans are an affordable way to enjoy the benefits of managed IT services at a small biz price point. We use a lightweight, state of the art management agent that runs in the background and monitors your office tech for potential issues. Common maintenance tasks are performed automatically, after hours to ensure your systems are secure, updated and running at their best. When support is needed, our local staff is here and can connect to your office PCs and servers when you really need it.

Support Select Plans have a predictable cost for simple budgeting and asset management reporting which allows you to focus on your business mission and goals. Most importantly, we don’t treat you like a number in a call center queue. After all, we’re a small business, too. We know what it’s like to deal with large impersonal vendors who truly don’t care. 

 Check out our managed it services plans designed specifically for the small biz market and budget.

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Bundle Plans and Save

When you choose 3 or more Support Select Plans you get a 5% bundle discount. Plus, you’ll save even more with our tiered pricing based on PC and server count. 

Tech that Fits your Biz

Support Select Plans and managed IT services are not the complete answer. Most of the time, businesses have a specific need or a square peg that needs to go into a round hole. This is when we think outside the box and solve the tough problems. 

Give us a call and you’ll know why when you have “Tech that fits your Biz”, your business runs better!


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