What is a Small Business MSP?

What is a small business MSP?

A small business MSP like Small Biz MSP, is an IT services company that functions as a remote IT department for your business. We analyze your company and suggest a mix of services and support customized to the specific needs of your business. Agreements can cover all aspects of your company tech or they can be targeted at individual services like PC maintenance, Cybersecurity or Server monitoring. 

We work with many small businesses and leverage software  tools that automate common support tasks. Our techs monitor for problems and can usually resolve them without interruption. We are motivated to prevent problems and downtime. Regular maintenance and daily monitoring eliminates costly downtime so that you can stay busy. You enjoy lower operating costs when on-site support calls become less frequent.

Our Support Select plans are designed for small businesses. Your IT support cost is predictable month to month and your staff benefits from a single point of contact with technicians who are committed to their satisfaction. 

Do lower costs and better support sound like something that would help your small business?

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